The Scribes write, record & perform through a number of different outfits released under the Quill Equipped umbrella. Peep some of the goodness below.

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“Quill Equipped Villainy” pays homage to the group’s Golden Age hip hop roots with boom-bap beats, biting bars and bubbling bass all effortlessly intertwined with a thoroughly modern take on the genre and delivered with the The Scribes’ trademark wit and style.

"The Scribes return with a post apocalyptic seven track Sci-Fi Hip-Hopera and a simple, unique andcaptivating tribute to 80s sci-fi movies set in the year 2074. By far The Scribes’ most ambitious and accomplished work to date." - The Unheard Nerd

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Another foray into live band instrumentation, the Bison Theory pr's "The Long Ting EP" is a showcase of funk, soul and hip hop with swathed in hooks, harmonies and clever lyricism.

"The album fuses hip hop with beat laden rock riffs, swirling strings , pounding dub step in an array of melodic organised chaos. Clever and well produced with its politically and socially fueled lyrics. It is sharply rhythmic and it has an angst driven angry tone delivered in a sometimes tongue in cheek attitude. It makes for a fascinating listen." - Purezine 

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"The Scribes very own & Jonny Steele  & Astro Snare (Production) teamed up to drop a brand spankin new 12 track LP showcasing what they do best! Featuring beats and flows which ooze the golden era vibe and take you right back to 1990's for a walk down memory lane! Yet again members of The Scribes prove how versatile they are on wax!" - UnderGround Hip Hop

This release from alternative hip-hop outfit The Scribes together with a host of collaborators and guests offers a bass-driven but subtle sound together with a collection of surprisingly melodic takes on urban themes and, well, whatever was on their mind at the time. This is hip-hop with feeling, not the empty material obsessions of the predictable kind of hip-hoppery that descends into self-parody.

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Coming out swinging, The Scribes first full length LP,  " The Sky is Falling" is blazing mix of social commentry, cynicsim and wordplay at it's finest sealing The Scribes imprint on the UK rap scene. Heavy nodding beats and dextrous flows were a sign of even greater things to come.


Where it first started. 

A 6 track snapshot of the southwests love for freestyling hip hop and def lyricism, The Evolution EP is the gruops first step from house party's and live shows to a product to capture the magic that would put The Scribes on the map in UK hip hop.

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